The fastest Story Missions in Destiny 2

Need to get a move on? This list of the fastest Story Missions in Destiny 2 will get you going in no time.

Every now and again Destiny 2 players will find themselves tasked with completing Heroic Story Missions again. Whether it’s for the Crimson Days’ Love Story bounty or another special mission, retreading old ground can be tedious. It’s no surprise then that most players want to know the fastest Story Missions in Destiny 2. As it happens, we can help you with exactly that in this guide.

The fastest Story Missions in Destiny 2

The fastest Story missions in Destiny 2
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Saving yourself time is key when there’s so much to grind for, and applies doubly when Destiny 2 asks you to replay old content. In our list of the fastest Story Missions for Destiny 2, we’re including those available as Heroic Story Missions. Any of the Story Missions listed below should be completable in under 10 minutes for most players, with several capable of being finished in less than five. We’ve listed where each Story Mission takes place as well, just in case you were wondering.

  • Ice and Shadow (Mars)
  • A Deadly Trial (Earth)
  • Unbroken (EDZ)
  • The Gateway (Mercury)
  • Riptide (Titan)
  • Hijacked (Nessus)
  • Looped (Nessus)
  • A Garden World (Mercury)
  • Hope (Titan)
  • Deep Storage (Io)

There are several other sub 10 minute Story Missions that could easily slot onto this list, but with so many available, it’s unlikely you’ll have to complete more than 10.

How to replay Story Missions in Destiny 2

How to replay Story Missions in Destiny 2 fastest Heroic Story Missions
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To replay the Story Missions listed above, you need to click the Vanguard icon in the Director to open up the Heroic Story Mission screen. There you can pick the story missions you want and run them as many times as desired. Just remember to create a fireteam before you jump in if the bounty you’re trying to complete requires it.

There you have it, the fastet Story Missions in Destiny 2 for you to replay as desired. After more tasks to complete? Consider checking our guide on how to get Breakneck in Destiny 2 or our walkthrough for how to get Deathbringer. Otherwise, good luck on your Heroic Story Mission run, Guardian!

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