The Easiest PC Upgrades For Temtem

If you want to get the most out of Temtem on PC, here are the easiest upgrades to make.

Temtem, the Pokemon-like MMO that entered Steam’s Early Access last month, is the game monster-catching fans on PC have been waiting for. Exploring the bright and colorful world of the Airborne Archipelago should bring back fond memories and new thrills alike. And thanks to its simple art style the fun should be joinable for even the thriftiest budget PC build. If you’re having trouble running Temtem, or just want to make sure you get the most out of your adventure, here are some of the easiest PC upgrades you can make for Temtem.


While pretty much all of Temtem’s graphical chops are no more taxing than the average Switch game, it does have a pretty sizable memory thirst. System requirements for Temtem state a minimum of 4GB RAM, so if your wild adventure through the floating isles is a little more choppy than you’d like, the first (and easiest) place to start is another stick of RAM. You can expand to meet the 4GB minimum, or the 8GB recommended specs with a range of RAM sticks, from the Fury and Predator range. Or if you’re playing on the go with your laptop, the Impact DDR4 or DDR3 SODIMM will fit the smaller form factor you need.

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The HyperX Impact DDR4 RAM.


That said, if you’ve already beefed up your memory and you’re still not seeing the difference, you could be in for a more costly journey to beautiful polygon-land. Thankfully, those clean, simple polygons in Temtem’s gorgeous painterly art style don’t need a beast of a graphics card to render. Minimum specs will give you a 720p resolution experience with just an Nvidia GT 650M, you won’t need a much bigger screen in a laptop from 2011 anyway. For desktops, that’s equivalent to something in the region of the GTX 275 or Radeon HD 8670. Both of these cards are from the start of the previous decade, so anything bought in the last 4-5 years should comfortably handle Temtem’s cutesy graphics. To get to 1080p with a smooth 60fps, look around the GeForce GTX 970/1050 Ti or Radeon 380/580 ranges of cards. They should be about $200, so it’s still a reasonably priced upgrade to make. Remember to make sure your motherboard has the appropriate PCI or AGP sockets for the card you settle on.


Other Components

After RAM and GPU, other upgrades may require more substantial overhauls of your PC internals, which we wouldn’t characterize as “easy”. CPU swaps usually require an entire motherboard swap too, as newer models need newer sockets (especially if that’s the choke point, given that Temtem will run just fine on a Celeron, you’re probably upgrading from a few model lines back). If you can’t fix your problems with RAM or a shiny GPU then you may need to look at an entirely new PC, but don’t worry, you can build one on a budget!



Some even simpler ways to get the most out of Temtem don’t require you to crack open the case at all. The sights of the Airborne Archipelago are one thing, but the soundtrack is another joy to behold altogether. If you’re listening through tinny laptop speakers or a pair of earbuds you got free with a pack of cereal, then may we implore you to please do your ears a favor and upgrade to a pair of headphones with a good dynamic range. You deserve to hear all the highs and lows of the world and its music, so treat yourself to a headset that will allow you to immerse yourself in all that glory. The Cloud Flight is a great option if you’re looking for something wireless, or maybe take the plunge on a pair of Cloud MIX cans. Bonus: you can take them on the road with you and listen to all the other songs on your phone you’ve not been experiencing to the fullest.

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The HyperX Cloud MIX

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