Official Halo Nerf guns coming later this year

The only Nerf we want to see in Halo is to the Boltshot, way OP.

Official Halo Nerf guns are on the way and you'll be able to get your hands on a couple of real-life weapons from Master Chief's arsenal later this year.

Three Halo Nerf guns will arrive in October, just in time for your screen accurate cosplays for Halo-ween. The MA40 Blaster is the standard rifle, which uses four C batteries to launch darts in auto fire and will retail for $50.

There are also two Microshot Nerf guns, based on the SPNKR, the little manual-reload blaster comes with two darts for $10. And, of course, what set of Halo weapons would be complete without the Needler, the Covenant's weapon of choice. While the Nerf darts almost certainly won't home in on your enemy, it will come with two of them and also costs $10.

The Halo Nerf SPNKR will cost $10 when it goes on sale this October. © Hasbro
The Halo Nerf SPNKR will cost $10 when it goes on sale this October. © Hasbro

The official tie-in with foam-dart weaponry artisans Nerf isn't the first time Halo weapons have entered our world. There have been other dart weapons from manufacturer Boomco, including the Needler as well, which has had more substantial imaginings too.

The Halo Nerf guns are coming ahead of Halo: Infinite's anticipated release on next gen consoles at the end of this year, though we still have no firm release date or information about the story of this latest entry in Master Chief's endless struggle.


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