Wolcen damage types explained

Wondering what Material damage, rend damage and others are? We'll explain all damage types in Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem so you can build your weapons and armor better.

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem includes some funky damage type names for each of its weapons, letting you build weapons that deal exciting things like Shadow, Sacred and Rend damage types. Very cool, we’re sure you’ll agree, but unless you understand what those names mean, they won’t be much use to you. The damage types system is actually fairly simple, so if you’ve been wondering what Material damage is, or if it’s the same or different to Rend damage, we can help. Read on for our Wolcen damage types guide where we’ll explain the basics.

Wolcen damage types explained

Wolcen damage types explained material rend occult
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Wolcen has nine main damage types: Physical, Rend, Toxic, Fire, Frost, Lightning, Sacred, Shadow, and Aether. Each one applies its own status effect if used enough. The list is then split into three main damage type categories: Materials, Elemental, and Occult. In more traditional fantasy RPG terms, these might have been names physical, elemental magic and faith magic, or something like that. Here’s how it all breaks down:

Material damage types

  • Physical (applies Stun)
  • Rend (applies Bleed)
  • Toxic (applies Poison)

Elemental damage types

  • Fire (applies Burn)
  • Frost (applies Freeze)
  • Lightning (applies Shock)

Occult damage types

  • Sacred (applies Weakness)
  • Shadow (applies Cursed)
  • Aether (applies Stasis)
What is Material Damage in Wolcen - what is Rend Damage resistance
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Physical is the base damage type for most weapons, but you’ll also find the majority of weapons deal one or two other types as well. Many weapons come with damage buffs to a specific type (e.g. +9 Lightning Damage) or category (e.g. +6% Material Damage). You can view the damage types your weapon deals by highlighting the weapon in your inventory. This will pop up a box which lists all the damage types and categories, as well as the total damage and other effects of the weapon.

Damage type resistances

The armor you find will come with certain damage resistances. To our knowledge, these are only ever resistances to the major damage categories, rather than specific types. That means your armor will provide resistances to Material, Elemental and Occult damage types. 

For example, if your armor has 6% Material damage resistance, it will provide that defence against all Physical, Toxic and Rend damage types. Likewise Elemental damage resistance protects against Fire, Frost and Lightning, while Occult damage resistance protects against Sacred, Shadow and Aether. 

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So there you have it, no more fretting about what Material damage or Rend damage is in Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem. If you ever forget how damage types work, just come back to this page, or highlight a weapon in-game to check them out.

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