Etika mural memorial made official Pokestop in Pokemon Go

A memorial to Nintendo superfan Etika Amofah has been turned into a Pokestop in Pokemon Go.

The Etika mural made in memory of the recently passed Nintendo superfan has been made into an official Pokestop in Pokémon Go.

The mural, painted on a construction wall at 1280 Myrtle Ave. in Bushwick, Brooklyn, was completed months after streamer Desmond 'Etika' Amofah took his own life in June last year.

The 29-year-old was immortalized in his home neighborhood in New York by local artists BKFoxx and Kestaadm, organized by fellow YouTuber Double A and web designer Abe Hunter. And now the 40-foot mural has been incoporated into one of Etika's favorite franchises, as Niantic made it an official Pokestop.

The new Pokestop was noticed by fellow streamer and Dutch YouTuber Reversal, after he launched a campaign to get the mural recognized by Niantic in November last year, shortly after its completion.

Both Ingress – Niantic's previous augmented reality mobile game – and Pokémon Go players submitted requests to have the address turned into a Pokestop. There was already a Pokestop within the same grid area Niantic uses to distribute locations, meaning the developer had to step in to make this happen.

The mural has served as a memorial site for fans of Etika, whom he referred to as Joycon Boyz, to pay respects to their lost friend. Many have made pilgrimmage to his neighborhood to remember the legacy he leaves behind.

Today marks the start of this year's Pokémon Day event in Pokémon Go, and updates to the game have brought raids and other celebrations in preparation for Pokémon Day itself on February 27. It is likely the Etika mural Pokestop was added in the updates that brought these new features and events to the mobile game today.

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