How Evo Shields work in Apex Legends

The HP and statistics for the new red Evo Shield in Apex Legends, as well as how to make use of it!

The System Override event for Apex Legends introduces a brand new item to the game: Evo Shields. These unique red shields can be strapped to your chest like any other armor in the game, but the way they provide protection is unique. If you want to make the most of Evo Shields during System Override and potentially beyond, you should definitely know how they work. In this guide, we’ll briefly explain how Evo Shields work in Apex Legends, and the best way to make use of them.

How Evo Shields work in Apex Legends

How Evo shields work in Apex Legends
The Evo Shield glows distinctly so you'll always be able to spot it.
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Unlike a traditional shield which you strap on and gain the full bars of armor for immediately, the Evo Shield starts with extremely low protection, lower even than the single bar of a white shield. That sounds pretty awful, but the good news is you can increase it. 

By dealing damage to enemies, the Evo Shield will gain extra bars of protection, stepping up in four levels to a maximum of five bars and 120 HP. That’s more than even the purple and gold shields provide (100 HP). You’ll need to charge these bars as normal with Shield Cells as they’ll appear empty, so don’t expect to be able to just outgun your enemies by recharging through damage - it’s not quite that powerful! Likewise, any time you take damage, you’ll need Shield Cells on hand to recharge.

Evo Shield HP statistics

The four tiers for the Evo Shield are:

  • White (1 bar, lowest protection): 20 HP
  • Blue (2 bars): 45 HP
  • Purple (4 bars): 95 HP
  • Red (5 bars, highest protection): 120 HP
Red Shield health Apex Legends Evo Shield

The final red tier of the Evo Shield provides 120 HP.
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Because you start on such low protection, once you pick up an Evo Shield it’s imperative that you increase it as soon as possible. This means you should try to get the drop on another squad, firing on them first to increase your shields before they strike back. A player with a Blue or Purple shield will have the edge over someone with an unupgraded Evo Shield after all. The shield also glows outwardly, making it easy to distinguish from the other shield varieties. Steal an Evo shield from another and you'll pick it up at the level they've reached, so keep an eye out for those red shield later in the game.

During the System Override event, loot spawns will be locked for the full duration, so that means if you successfully find an Evo shield, you can always return to that spot in future games, though beware of other players doing the same. This gives you a brilliant chance to practice using it. If feedback is good, Respawn Entertainment is considering adding it to the main game, so be sure to try it easily while you can.

Now that you know how Evo Shield work in Apex Legends, including each level’s HP, you might also want to learn how to get the Octane Heirloom set. Better hurry though as it won’t be available for long!

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