How to play with friends in Nioh 2

Learn how to join and invite your friends in Nioh 2 so you can play together and take on a world of fearsome monsters.

The giant monsters of Nioh 2 don’t make fighting them feel very fair, so why not even the odds by bringing a friend along for the fight as well. If you want to play with friends in Nioh, you’ll need to set up your game correctly and invite them in. It’s pretty easy, so just follow the steps listed below to invite and play with friends in Nioh 2 so you can carve up some beasts with a samurai pal.

How to play with friends in Nioh 2

How to play with friends in Nioh 2
He looks tough, best bring a friend in Nioh 2.
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To invite and play with friends in Nioh 2, you need to first open up your world map. Here, select the starting point you want to load into with a friend. Choose Expedition, then Custom Match, and finally Create Room. This will set up a lobby that your friends (or anyone) can join. 

If you only want to play with friends that you choose, set the privacy of your lobby slots to Private. If you want to play with anyone, you can set it to Open. When set to Private, you’ll need to create a password, then give it to the friends who are trying to join. With the lobby created, it’s now over to your friend.

To join a lobby, open the world map and select the same starting point as the lobby you want to enter. Choose Expeditions, then set Special Matching Conditions to Friends only. Find the lobby, enter the password and you’ll be able to load in! All you need to do then is let the person in charge kick the game off.

Bear in mind that playing Nioh 2 with friends won’t necessarily make the game easier. More enemies will be romping around, looking to carve you and your pal up, meaning you need to stick together. You’ll also have a co-op gauge that drops when downed, and if you let it empty, then you won’t be able to revive one another. The good news is that you don’t need to worry about loot fights. You each have your own instanced sessions, so there’s no fear of overlapping.

So there you have it, you now know how to invite and play with friends in Nioh 2. Team up together and put your yokai skills to the test against an even tougher world! Hop to it, samurai!

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