Introducing the AllGamers March Madness 2020 bracket

Vote for your favorite games to make it through the March Madness 2020 tournament!

It's March Madness 2020! Or at least it would be if the NCAA hadn't been forced to cancel the annual basketball competition due to the coronavirus pandemic. So instead, let's have our own tournament, safe from our own homes, and let video games decide the victor!

As we're all now having to adjust to the reality of social distancing to keep the vulnerable in our communities safe, video games are still a perfect way to stay in touch with friends or pass time calmly during the current crisis. So what better way to celebrate these games and make up for the absence of this year's March Madness by deciding which is the best game to play when stuck inside?

We are through to the grand finals, but let's see how we got here. Particularly tight contests between Fortnite and FIFA saw the footballers come out on top, Pokemon Sword and Shield slaying DOOM Eternal during its opening weekend and Stardew Valley proving that foraging is better than hunting by knocking Monster Hunter off the apex predator spot.

In the second round, things were a little more clear cut, but Warzone still gave GTA V a run for its money, though we can see who the ultimate victor was in that battle by the final match-up. The third round saw 2:1 wins for all games, with a huge surge of votes to put Rainbow 6 Siege ahead of CS:GO for the counter-insurgency cup, but in the end they could only make it as far as third at best. Now, who will win the final battle between Minecraft and GTA V? Only you can decide below.

Here's the bracket, including all results in percentage share of votes. Each match in the finals will be decided by votes from you, the sports-starved public, to determine which game out of each pair is the better partner for lengthy gaming sessions. Pick wisely in the form below and we'll see which game is the ultimate quarantine companion, and which gets the third place consolation prize.

The bracket is randomly seeded, because sometimes life isn't fair, so make doubly sure your favorites are making it through to the next round!

Now you know what's at stake, just vote in the matchups below and you'll decide who is the ultimate winner (and third place runner-up)!

And that's the March Madness 2020 tournament, check back next week for the final round of battle to see who wins the top spot in your hearts and homes! Remember to stay safe if you're heading outside, and if you're having friends over for gaming sessions use these tips to keep all your gaming gear clean and virus-free!


Chris is the captain of the good ship AllGamers, which would explain everything you're seeing here. Get in touch to talk about work or the $6 million Echo Slam by emailing or finding him on Twitter. 


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