How Doom Eternal's Extra Life mode works

Extra Life? More like harder life. Here's how the new challenge mode in Doom Eternal works.

For the most part, Doom Eternal’s entire purpose is to make you feel like an absolute badass as you carve a bloody path through the hordes of hell. However, the latest title also introduces a new mode for those of us looking for a bit of extra challenge. Honestly, those demons just aren’t tough enough. If Cacodemons make you cackle and Barons leave you bored, read on to find out how Doom Eternal’s Extra Life mode works so you can put your skills to the test.

How Doom Eternal’s Extra Life mode works

How Doom Eternal's Extra Life mode works
This guy could certainly do with an extra life!
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For starters, the Extra Life mode in Doom Eternal isn’t a difficulty setting. You’ll have access to those as usual, while this is a modifier that’ll change the game. It will make it harder though, make no mistake.

Doom Eternal’s Extra Life mode changes the game to add a limited number of lives. In old-school style, extra lives can be found scattered around the levels, and you’ll want to collect them because should you run out, that’s it for the entire game. Yes, Doom Eternal’s Extra Life mode adds permadeath. Expend all your lives and you’ll need to start the entire game again. Youch. These powerups are in the regular difficulties for Doom Eternal, but there they're simply a bonus that let you get straight back to the action. In Extra Life mode, they're all you've got.

Extra Life won’t be the first choice for most players. In fact, we expect it to be primarily a replayability option for most players, giving them a challenge to return to after beating the story once. If you do decide to take on this task, we recommend exploring levels thoroughly to hunt down hidden lives, but not to worry so much about the challenging Slayer Gates and Secret Encounters, as these are a great way to throw many lives into the greedy maw of hell to no effect. Practice your longer ranged combat, only dashing in to finish enemies with Glory Kills or chainsaw strikes so you can heal and recover ammo, respectively. Also practice saving, a lot.

Now that you know how Doom Eternal’s Extra Life mode works, will you be taking up the challenge? Maybe you’ll even dare to jump in head first on the harder difficulties too. If so, you’re braver than us. Click here to visit our game hub for more news tips and tricks regarding Doom Eternal.

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