Forza Horizon 3 gets 4K update

One of Xbox One's best games just got better.

Playground Games' superb racing title Forza Horizon 3 is the latest game to receive a native 4K update for Xbox One X.

The free update is available now and promises to do much more than just bump the resolution to 4K and apply HDR lighting.

According to Microsoft's Xbox Wire blog, car reflections will now be sharper and clearer, shadows will appear crisp and better defined in higher resolution, motion blur has been improved, and draw distances are longer.

Not content with that, there's better anisotropic filtering, meaning textures at oblique angles will look better, which is good news for road surfaces and background environmental details.

HDR is also said to make a big difference, "especially in Forza Horizon 3's dynamic time-lapse skies".

The free update is also compatible with the Blizzard Mountain and Hot Wheels expansions.

Forza Horizon 3 joins a growing number of high-profile Xbox One exclusives (and third-party titles) to feature native 4K support. Its stablemate Forza Motorsport 7 was one of the first, but the full list also includes games like Assassin's Creed Origins, Call of Duty: WW2, and of course The Witcher 3.

Check out the full list of Xbox One X enhanced titles on Microsoft's website, and we also have a list of the best 4K games to play on Xbox One X.


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