Soundcloud partners with Twitch to put musicians back in front of fans

Soundcloud and Twitch are helping musicians put on live shows for fans during coronavirus lockdown.

Twitch and Soundcloud have teamed up to help musicians continue to perform live to fans while people are stuck at home, helping create online parties for everyone to join.

Some of the worst affected industries in the coronavirus pandemic have been hospitality and live performers. With shows and gigs cancelled left and right, musicians are feeling the squeeze in an already precarious career path.

Most small musicians have a SoundCloud Pro account, which will now let Twitch fast-track their application to affiliate status, helping them earn money from any viewers that tune in to watch them perform on the streaming site.

There have been a few instances of artists turning to livestreaming to keep their audience going in these trying times. Our king and savior Mick Gordon put on a livestream of the Doom Eternal soundtrack for folks who wanted to fully immerse in the recently release shooter's apocalyptically good tunes.

Other sites have also been set up to provide an entire curated schedule of bands and artists, like a virtual club night. is one such site, with a full listing of artists ready to play out to hundreds of house-bound partygoers through video conferencing such as Zoom.

Music is just one way to collectively communicate, and the technology of the internet is helping us do that with each other during one of the most trying times for the planet. Thanks artists. Thartists.


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