Fans team up with celebs and streamers in Warzone Wednesday

Cash prizes of $20,000 are up for grabs in weekly Warzone Wednesday tournament, now with added fan participation.

This week Warzone Wednesday returns with a pro-am mix of celebrities and streamers in a fight for $20,000 in cash prizes as the gas circle closes in. And from next week fans like you can join the fight, too.

Warzone Wednesday pits trio teams of a mix of pro streamers and celebrities in a fight to the finish of Call of Duty: Warzone matches, with the next drop on April 1 – not a prank, we promise. Also not a prank: next week's tournament will let you join the action too, and even if you aren't picked to join the game, viewers can win HyperX merch by just tuning in.

The tournament will be hosted on Keemstar's Twitch channel as part of his program of esports competitions to promote KeemPark, a brick-and-mortar esports training ground in Buffalo, NY.

Tomorrow's drop into the Warzone will feature EDM DJ extraordinaire Steve Aoki in a trio with DrLupo and Wuskin, as they aim to match last week's winners JoshOG, HusKerrs and Diegosaurs in taking home the $20,000 prize.

Warzone Wednesday matches are casted by Kat Gunn and AskJoshy, with 16 teams of three hoping to smash through the competition. Other combatants for the April Fools edition tomorrow include trios featuring: CrimSix, NickMercs and Sypher PK; KingRichard, Ninja and TSM_Albralelie;  and Nadesho, Cloakzy and CourageJD. Pick your teams and cheer for your faves in the chat to be in with a chance of being picked to win HyperX Gaming swag.

For next week's match, fans won't just be on the sidelines and can take part in the competition themselves, so if you want to be in with a chance of playing against pro streamers and winning $20,000 then head to KeemPark and hit the Warzone Wednesday Apply banner. Fill out the form before 12pm ET Tuesday and, if you're picked for the drop, you'll receive your invite Tuesday evening by 9pm ET. Good luck, troops!


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