How to get the Shotgun in Resident Evil 3

Beef up your firepower by learning how to get the shotgun in Resident Evil 3.

Jill’s no slouch with the pistol, but there’s no harm in upgrading her arsenal with a bit more firepower. The Resident Evil 3 shotgun is a reliable weapon capable of knocking the heads clean off the zombies you unload it on, so you’ll want it as quickly as possible. Thankfully, you can get the shotgun in Resident Evil 3 within the first hour of gameplay, and it’s not even too tough. We’ll help you start your escape from Raccoon City properly with our quick guide below on how to get the shotgun in Resident Evil 3.

How to get the Shotgun in Resident Evil 3

Get the shotgun resident evil 3
You'll find the shotgun in the Subway Office in Resident Evil 3.  
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The shotgun is found in the Subway Office, which is connected to the Downtown area of the map. You’ll find it not long after you reach the Donut Shop. It’s through the other side, in the door under the lit up Kite Bros sign. Make your way inside though, and you’ll find that the shotgun is locked in a cage. To access it, you’ll need to get the Bolt Cutters first. We’ve got a dedicated guide for that which you can read by clicking here, but we’ll also summarise in this article. 

Take the Fire Hose back from the Subway Office to the alleyway that’s on fire, then walk through it until you enter the mechanic’s shop. Inside you’ll find the Bolt Cutters waiting.

Carry the Bolt Cutters back to the Subway Office, then use them to cut the chains on the Shotgun cage. You’ll be able to grab it and start using this meaty weapon immediately. Just watch out for the zombie which will burst in the front door when you approach.

Once you have the shotgun and bolt cutters, we recommend immediately using the cutters to access the shop on the main Downtown street, as inside you can get the Blue Jewel. This can, in turn, get you the shotgun stock, converting it to the more powerful M3 Shotgun. Nice.

How to get the shotgun in resident evil 3
Return with the Bolt Cutters to get the Shotgun.
© Capcom

Now that you know how to get the Shotgun in Resident Evil 3, you’ve got far less reason to fear the zombie masses crowding the Raccoon City streets. If you’re after more tips, head over to our game hub by clicking here. We’ve got guides for the core game and the Resistance multiplayer mode.

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