Uniqlo X Mario collab celebrates 35 years of Mushroom Kingdom

Uniqlo and Nintendo have teamed up for Mario's 35th anniversary.

Uniqlo have joined forces with Nintendo for a Mario 35th anniversary collection of printed T-shirts for the plumbers birthday this year.

As plans ramp up for what appears to be a pretty stacked milestone this year, Uniqlo are adding some swag to the celebrations with eight printed T-shirts featuring iconic characters from the series, available for European customers.

Some are subtle references to the time Mario has been with us, with a single-breasted "85-20" T-shirt, while others show a chronology of Mario's designs over the years and other characters like Bowser, Bullet Bill and Yoshi make appearances, too.

Our favorite might be the Super Mario World design with Yoshi on top of a Super Famicom controller, with the classic red, yellow, green and blue buttons instead of the NTSC SNES drab purples.

Uniqlo X Mario for the 35th anniversary of Nintendo's flagship game.
Uniqlo X Mario for the 35th anniversary of Nintendo's flagship game.

You can find all eight Super Mario 35th anniversary Uniqlo designs on this section of the UK-based site, with tees selling for a respectable £12.90. Deliveries are still going out, despite all Uniqlo shops closing temporarily due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Which of the Uniqlo X Super Mario 35th anniversary designs do you like the best? Are you hoping the collection makes its way stateside at some point in the future?


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