Locker codes in Resident Evil 3

A quick guide to all Resident Evil locker codes so you can earn some extra loot in the R.P.D.

Returning to the Raccoon City Police Department in Resident Evil 3 is a short and sweet treat for those of us who played last year’s Resi 2 remake. The layout should be immediately familiar, and you can even use the same codes to unlock some extra rewards. Wait, you don’t remember the codes? Whoops! Well whether you skipped out on Resi 2 or simply don’t remember, this guide will teach you all the locker codes in Resident Evil 3 so you can claim the treasures inside.

Locker Codes in Resident Evil 3

Locker Codes in Resident Evil 3
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There are two lockers in Resident Evil 3, both in the R.P.D. which you can access while playing as Carlos. They share the same solutions as they did back in the days of Leon and Claires time in the R.P.D., which makes sense given that hasn’t technically happened yet in the Resident Evil timeline. The real question is who went round closing up all of the lockers again? Must have been Marvin... We’re getting sidetracked. Here are the locker codes in Resident Evil 3:

Raccoon City Police Station 2F Locker Code (Shower Room)

This locker is on the second floor, inside the changing area for the shower room. The code is on the whiteboard you pass by on the first floor.

  • Code: CAP
  • Contains: Flash Grenade x1

Raccoon City Police Station 3F Locker Code

This locker code is on the third floor, at the top of the large stairwell and along the corridor. The code is found as a photo in the Safety Deposit Room on the first floor.

  • Code: DCM
  • Contains: Assault Rifle Ammo x20

And there you have it, all the locker codes in Resident Evil 3. While it’s nice that the solutions are the same as in Resi 2, it’s a shame that the rewards inside are so meager. You’ll likely have plenty of Assault Rifle ammo already, but the flashbang makes for a nice extra treat. Fore more Resident Evil 3 guides, click here to visit our game hub.

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