Valorant drops paused on Twitch after closed beta server struggles

Valorant drops paused by Riot, and when closed beta access drops will start again.

Valorant drops paused by Riot on the first day of closed beta streaming on Twitch as servers struggle to cope with massive demand, but will be re-enabled today.

The new 5v5 tactical FPS began issuing closed beta access randomly to fans as they watched streams of those few invited to test out the game yesterday. However, after a huge surge in popularity that saw more than 1.4 million viewers across Twitch as fans hoped to receive closed beta access granted to their linked Riot account, drops were paused until later this morning.

Riot's game director on Valorant, Joe Ziegler, also assured fans that Valorant drops would continue throughout the week after they are re-enabled.

"To dispel confusion, there will be more drops continuing throughout the week (and likely beyond)," Ziegler wrote in a tweet, shortly before Valorant drops paused for the day. "Also the amount of drops we give is not a fixed amount, but rather flexible around how many people we are servicing at any given time against capacity. In other words, if you haven’t gotten in yet, this is far from your only chance to get in."

There is no given time for when Valorant drops will begin again on Twitch, however the official account said they would begin dropping again in the morning pacific time, which will be within the next seven hours.

If you've been lucky enough to receive a closed beta invited before Valorant drops paused, check out how to download the Riot Vanguard anti-cheat and get into the game.


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