How to leave custom games in Valorant

Stuck in a custom game of Valorant? We'll teach you a workaround to leave custom games that'll have you back in the menu in no time.

The closed beta of Valorant isn’t without a few bugs. Some are gamebreaking, others, just irritating. While they’ll all get fixed in due course, we’d rather find solutions for those of us suffering now. One problem many players are facing is an inability to leave custom games in Valorant. There should be a leave game option in the pause menu, but it isn’t appearing a lot of the time. Thankfully, there is a workaround leave custom games in Valorant without restarting the game. 

How to leave custom games in Valorant

How to leave custom games in Valorant
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If you’ve created a custom game in Valorant to test something and want to close it down again, you should just be able to hit Escape, click the top left Valorant Logo, then click Leave Game from the drop down menu. Unfortunately, that option isn’t appearing for many players at the moment. 

Thankfully, a solution exists, though it will take a slightly longer time. Instead of leaving the game, you can force it to skip through rounds until the game ends, provided you created the custom game. To do so, swap to the Cheats page of the menu, then mash the End Game Phase button. This will skip through a round of the game, and given Valorant is an MR 13 game, it’ll only take you a few moments to click enough times to end the game. 

So until Riot Games patches Valorant to add the leave game button back in for custom games, clicking the End Game Phas button a bunch of times is the fastest way out of your custom match. Well, restarting may be faster, but we doubt it.

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Now that you know how to leave custom games in Valorant, you can safely jump in and mess around with abilities and more, without the fear that you’ll be stuck in the game forever. Have fun practicing! Head over to our Valorant game hub by clicking here if you want more news guides and features.

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