Fuslie gives a Crash Course on Animal Crossing, haircuts and K.K. Bubblegum

As part of HyperX's new weekly Crash Course streams, Fuslie teaches us important life skills like how to play K.K. Slider songs.

HyperX kicked off a new educational Twitch stream this week, but instead of teaching boring useless skills like math or science, we got to learn important things like how to be an Animal Crossing pro and cut hair.

For the first in a series of weekly streams called Crash Course, Fuslie took us through some important hints and tips to make the most out of your day in Animal Crossing New Horizons. You can learn all about the best ways to make hella bells and get stylish room layouts by checking out some of her best tips here.

After teaching us the way of the crossed animal, Fuslie brought the learning experience out of the game screen by subjecting all-around good sport TheSushiDragon to a fresh villager's hairstyle. Chat voted on clearly the best cut to attempt, leading to some creative clippering.

Personally we think the new cut is fresh – and could easily have ended up more like Fuslie's last quarantine customer – so Stefan got a pretty good deal here.

For the rest of us, we were also treated to a masterclass in more Animal Crossing arts, including a music lesson on what we consider to be K.K. Slider's third best song (behind Cruisin' and House, do not @ us): K.K. Bubblegum. Also, through Fuslie, we learned there are actual lyrics? You don't just meep along with your own made-up noises? Amazing. Protip, do not have everyone in a Discord channel try to sing at the same time. Does not sound good.

If you're after even more learning with Fuslie, she does teach what some people might call "more practical skills" with her own crash courses in organic chemistry. So if you're missing the academic environment throughout all this, maybe drop in on one or two of her personal streams for your covalent bonding fix.

Tune in to HyperX's Crash Course stream next Thursday, April 23 at noon PST to join AmberGlowYoga for Life is Strange tips, papercraft lessons and, of course, your daily stretch. If you'd like to know more about Amber's yoga for gamers philosphy, check out our interview!


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