Getty Art Museum creates Animal Crossing Art Generator

The Getty Center art museum is letting Animal Crossing players create in-game art paintings to hang in their homes and it's amazing.

The Getty Center is an art museum in Los Angeles, California home to a massive collection of art. While you can’t pay the museum a visit right now because of COVID-19, The Getty is letting you create one of your own in Animal Crossing.

On their website, you’ll find the Animal Crossing Art Generator which lets you turn any piece of art from the Getty Museum’s open-access collection into a custom design in Animal Crossing: New Horizons!

Getty Art Museum creates Animal Crossing Art Generator 

Getty Art Museum shares gallery in Animal Crossing: New Horizons
You can import paintings from The Getty's collection of art to hang up in your home in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. 
© Nintendo, Getty 

The Getty Center draws almost 2 millions visitors annually, but with COVID-19 shutting things down completely, they’re getting creative in sharing their massive art collection to the world. Given the popularity of custom designs in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the art museum saw an opportunity to offer a bit of respite.

Specifically, The Getty is letting people create custom designs from their artwork free of charge. Describing the process on the Animal Crossing Art Generator page, The Getty explains:

“With this tool you can fill your island with art and transform your home into a world-class art gallery. Create your own custom patterns featuring artwork from famous art collections around the world. Patterns can be used in Animal Crossing to make shirts, cover walls and floors, make paintings for an easel or canvas, and for display on mannequins. Delightful!”

The page then proceeds to walk Animal Crossing players through the process of importing art into the game using QR codes. You can select from favorites handpicked by The Getty, or you can import artwork from another museum using its IIIF.

Examples of other galleries you can import art from using IIIF include the National Gallery of Art, the Frick Collection, Yale university, and the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery to name just a few. 

“Share your QR code creations and screenshots of artworks on your island with us on social media using #ACArtGenerator and tag us @gettymuseum.”

Once you’ve imported artwork into the game, The Getty is asking gamers to share how they’ve used the designsOn Twitter, you can already see dozens of amazing examples of how the art is being using in the game from Van Gogh to Cezzane and it's – as The Getty puts it – truly delightful.

If you want to add a little art flair to your island, be sure to check out the Animal Crossing Art Generator from The Getty, and share your designs with other Animal Crossing art connoisseurs on Twitter!

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