Mario Maker 2's final major update lets you build your own world maps

Super Mario Bros. 2 items and world maps are coming to Mario Maker 2 in its last major update.

Super Mario Maker 2 will receive its last major update on April 22, adding Super World map creation and Super Mario Brothers 2 items.

The final update for the game adds the Frog Suit, Goomba Mask and a number of 3D World items, as well as a mushroom that turns you into the SMB2 version of mario, allowing you to ride on top of enemies and throw them around.

The biggest change is the ability to make your own World Maps, serving as an overworld between several course you've made, letting you put together themed levels.

You can string together up to eight world maps and a total of 40 courses, meaning you can pretty much create and share an entire Super Mario game of your own, the ultimate dream.

To help you out with making boss encounters, Nintendo have also added the seven elite generals of Bowser's army, the Koopalings Larry, Wendy, Morton, Lemmy, Roy, Iggy and Ludwig. There are other Koopa baddies including some laser-spitting ones, that you can add to courses to spice things up, especially with the SMB2 mario moveset.

With Nintendo calling this the last major update for Mario Maker 2, it seems like this might be the final big content drop for the game. Are you happy with what has been added so far, or do you want even more Mario mechanics to tool around with?


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