Nvidia's RTX Voice app magically silences your mechanical keyboard

Here's how to install Nvidia RTX Voice so your team mates won't kick you out of Discord anymore.

Nvidia RTX Voice is the latest bit of techno black magic from the GPU manufacturer, and it somehow completely deletes all background noise from your mic input.

The newest feature uses your GPU's computational power to detect and reduce background noise through your input device, and even your output if your friend with the noisy mechanical keyboard can't install it – though results may vary as this could also affect game audio. However if you're using it to get rid of your own background noise, like a good considerate friend, the results are amazing. Just listen to this:

Nvidia RTX Voice has been specifically designed to support OBS Studio, XSplit, Twitch Studio, Discord, Chrome, Bnet chat, Skype, Zoom, Slack and Steam Chat so all your comms prayers have been answered (if you have a graphics card from Team Green).

The feature is being rolled out for the newest generation of RTX cards, however if you're willing to mess around under the hood you can make it work with 10- and 16-series Nvidia cards, and even some older ones if you're lucky.

To use RTX Voice, Nvidia says you must be using an NVIDIA GeForce or Quadro RTX graphics card, updated to Driver 410.18 or newer, and be on Windows 10. If you meet all those criteria you can simply download the app from this link and then go through the standard setup guide.

To install Nvidia RTX Voice on non-RTX graphics cards (that are still made by Nvidia, sorry Radeon fans) then you can follow the instructions in this forum post for altering a couple of simple lines in the app's setup files.

Essentially you want to run the installer as above, and when an error message tells you it couldn't complete because your system does not fit the criteria, head to C:\temp\NVRTXVoice where the temporary installation files were extracted to.

Open the file C:\temp\NVRTXVoice\NvAFX\RTXVoice.nvi with a text editor like Notepad and remove the "constraints" section. That section in its entirety looks like this:

<property name="Feature.RTXVoice" level="silent" text="${{InstallBlockedMessage}}"/>

With that gone, run the setup executable located at C:\temp\NVRTXVoice\setup.exe and if you are running a 10X0 or 1600 series Nvidia graphics card you should be able to launch the app.

Now that you've installed Nvidia RTX Voice you can kill all background noise through your mic and never annoy your team mates with your mechanical keyboard again! Incredible. The future is here.


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