Best of the Decade

The best puzzle games of the decade

A look back at the greatest video game brain strainers from the last ten years in gaming.


The biggest flops of the decade 2010-19

We look back on those who failed so we could laugh, thank you for your service.

The 10 defining gaming trends of the decade 2010-19

Games have evolved a lot since the start of the decade, here's what has lived (and died) since then.

Game of the Decade: Minecraft

No other game this decade has been as influential, or ground-breaking, as the indie miner.

6 things we want from the next decade of gaming

And no, it's not just more Untitled Goose Game.

The most stupendous new series from the last decade in gaming

All these sequels and remakes have to start somewhere, so here's to the finest new series released in the last decade in gaming!

The scariest horror games of the decade

They're creepy and they're kooky, mysterious and spooky, they're the scariest horror games of the decade!