Brendan Greene

2018 Roadmap for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Revealed

New maps, vehicles, weapons, and customization options are in the works for PUBG in 2018. 


PUBG Dev and Sony in Talks Regarding a PS4 Version

A Nintendo Switch version isn’t off the table either.

PUBG Developer Wants to Have Xbox One and PC Cross-Play Support

The upcoming Xbox One version might eventually share a community with the PC crowd.

Minibus Revealed as One of Three New Vehicles Coming to PUBG

An image of the minibus was tweeted earlier today by PLAYERUNKNOWN.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Creator Wants to Add a Solo Campaign

A single-player campaign is being considered, but likely won’t be implemented anytime soon.

Will PUBG Become an Esport? PlayerUnknown Weighs In

We asked Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene about PUBG’s ability to become an esport, mods, and one of the most requested features, first-person gameplay! 

How To Get Into PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Beta

This weekend will be your last chance to get into PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds beta.