Cuphead toys are coming to Arby's and we want all of them

The promo with Cuphead drinking out of another cup will haunt our dreams forever.


It looks like Cuphead is getting a PS4 release

Update: Cuphead is out now on PS4

Trailer for Netflix's Cuphead adaptation revealed

The trailer adds clarity in regards to how the game is being adapted, and what the show will look like once it's released.

Cuphead Spirit Board event coming to Smash Ultimate on Friday

The Cuphead Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Spirit Board event will run for five days from February 14.

Netflix are making a Cuphead animated series

Cuphead Netflix series in the works as indie side-scroller sails past 4 million copies sold.

Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course DLC coming in 2020

The final, challenging DLC for Cuphead will arrive on Switch in 2020 according to latest trailer.

Cuphead tops April's Switch eShop sales in Europe

Cuphead and Mugman prove to be the real bosses on Nintendo Switch.

Cuphead - Guide to All Items

There are a variety of equippable items in Cuphead that can help make your time in the game a little bit easier.

All Hidden Coin locations in Cuphead

Where to find all of the Cuphead's Hidden Coins squirreled away for safe keeping.

How to defeat the last boss of Cuphead, the Devil

You're so close to completing Cuphead. All you need to do is dispose of the Devil. He's not easy, but if you've got to this point then you have what it takes.