Developer Interview

Gyre: Maelstrom Evolves into Gyre: Nova State - An Interview with Evodant Interactive

A look at the evolution of Gyre: Maelstrom into Gyre: Nova State.


A Link to the Tarahumara: Lienzo Talks Mulaka and Cultural Preservation in Games

We interviewed Lienzo to discuss the creative process behind their upcoming 3D adventure game, Mulaka.

Reaching the Summit - An Interview With Bennett Foddy

Bennett Foddy answers our questions regarding the creation of Getting Over It and QWOP, along with whether or not he has plans to release games for the Nintendo Switch. 

Zachtronics Interview - Developing Engaging and Educational Indie Games

We sat down with Zach Barth from Zachtronics to talk about his latest game, Opus Magnum, and his experiences creating critically acclaimed puzzle games.

Developer Talks: Once Upon a Coma's Thomas Brush

A look at the highs and lows of revisiting an old game and turning it into something new within the indie scene. 

Fortnite Creative Director Talks Building, Crafting, and Saving Worlds

Epic Games' Darren Sugg chats with us about Fortnite just in time for Early Access.

Friday the 13th: The Game Interview - Brutality by Design

Gun Media and Illfonic talk with us about turning their all-time favorite slasher flick into a video game.

Developer Talks: Evodant Interactive

Learn more about the development process behind Gyre: Maelstrom in this in-depth interview with creators Evodant Interactive.

IO IN_DEPTH: System Era Softworks

In our first IN_DEPTH, we travel to Seattle to learn more about System Era, the indie development team behind Astroneer.

Indie Spotlight Q&A: Cardboard Utopia

We chat with Cardboard Utopia founder Jason Kim and his team to learn more about the new indie studio.