Dontnod Entertainment

Dontnod unveil new episodic game, Tell Me Why

Tell Me Why will follow twins Alyson and Tyler as they look back on memories of a troubled past.


What's the deal with... The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit?

Life is Strange 2 prequel is free to play now, but who is Captain Spirit?

Life is Strange spin-off The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit out June 26, for free

Dontnod's next story is about imaginary space travel.

Vampyr Snags June Release Date

Dontnod Entertainment’s epic vampire tale finally locks down an official release date. 

Limited Physical and Vinyl Editions of Life is Strange: Before the Storm Announced

Square Enix unveiled plans to release special limited edition sets of Life is Strange: Before the Storm. 

Vampyr is Getting a Four-Part Video Series

The weekly web series will reveal the creative process behind the gritty RPG, Vampyr.

Life is Strange Coming to iOS, Available for Pre-Order

Find out how you can take on the role of Max Caulfied in the iOS adaptation of Life is Strange.

Dontnod's Upcoming Horror RPG Vampyr Won't Have DLC

The game will be a complete experience right from the start.

Bloodsucking RPG Vampyr Delayed Until Spring 2018

DontNod's grim vampire RPG was supposed to launch later this year.

Vampyr – Watch 10 Minutes of E3 Gameplay

New Vampyr gameplay showcases a pivotal story mission and tough choices.