Electronic Arts

Skate 4 is now just skate. and it will be free-to-play

The skateboarding series is going free as a live service with microtransactions focused on cosmetics and convenience.


EA opens up five accessibility patents for all to use

"Every developer in the industry will be able to use our accessibility-centered technology patents -- royalty free"

Two new Battlefield games in development, mobile game coming 2022

A PC and console Battlefield game will release this year, with a mobile game to follow after.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to add EA Play at no extra cost

Starting this Holiday season, Game Pass Ultimate and PC subscribers will be given an EA Play subscription.

The best Madden 21 players in each position by rating

Here's a quick cheatsheet for picking the best Madden 21 players for each position, coach.

Star Wars: Squadrons is EA's new dogfighting space shooter

Strap into the X-wing or TIE fighter for single- and multiplayer dogfights in Star Wars: Squadrons.

EA Access hits Steam this Summer

Another major win for Steam, and great way to for EA to make more money.

We can expect 'multiple EA games' on Nintendo Switch this year

Burnout Paradise Remastered is just the beginning.

EA Play gets a digital release date

The event will continue this year in a digital format.

Apex Legends Grand Soirée ends season 3 in style

Apex Legends Grand Soirée event will feature 7 arcade modes over 2 weeks.