Fallout 76

You can now play Fallout 76 solo (for $100 a year)

Fallout 1st is a premium subscription for Fallout 76 with various benefits, including private servers.


Bethesda delays Wastelanders update for Fallout 76

There's a small roadblock on those bumpy country roads.

Fallout 76 Nuka-Cola helmet recalled over mold

The last thing you want in an item worn over your face is mold.

Fallout 76 leak reveals potential new battle royale mode coming soon

A fresh breath of life could be coming to the Fallout 76 wasteland soon if a recent leak proves true.

Bethesda accidentally leaks support ticket data

If you submitted a support ticket, you may want to monitor your credit card activity.

Bethesda makes good on canvas bag promise

Gamers who purchased the Power Armor Edition of Fallout 76 can contact Bethesda to swap their nylon bag with a canvas one.

Fallout 76 getting two large patches in December

The first patch will roll out on December 4, with a second patch coming December 11.

Fallout 76 refund fiasco sparks potential class action lawsuit

The company is being investigated by a law firm for deceptive practices, and failing to issue refunds to consumers.

Can you play Fallout 76 offline?

Bugs may be inescapable, but can you avoid humans by playing Fallout 76 offline?

How to pick up and move your C.A.M.P. in Fallout 76

Sometimes you just need a change of scenery, so why not learn how to pick up and move your C.A.M.P. in Fallout 76?