Generation 2 Update

How to Get Umbreon and Espeon in Pokémon GO

The newest Pokémon GO update introduced two new evolutions of Eevee. 


Pokémon GO Adding 80 New Pokémon This Week

Niantic is officially rolling out the fabled Generation 2 update.

Niantic Rolls Out New Pokémon GO Tracker

Goodbye three-footstep system and hello precision targeting.

Niantic Confirms More Pokémon are Coming to Pokémon GO

Details will be revealed next week.

Rumor: New Pokémon GO Update Launches This Week

A leaked image from Starbucks reveals the date of the next Pokémon GO update.

Will Pokemon GO's Generation 2 Update Release In December?

Rumors online suggest that over 100 new Pokemon could be added to Pokemon GO by early December.