HyperX Indie Highlight: Environmental storytelling in Endling – Extinction Is Forever

This month's highlight is an adorably apocalyptic existential adventure, but with cute foxes!


HyperX Indie Highlight: Getting a good work/afterlife balance in Have A Nice Death

French devs Magic Design Studios on breathing life back into roguelites with a scythe in Have A Nice Death.

Wholesome Direct promises Coffee Talk 2, Terra Nil, and more in June showcase

Tune in if you need a mid-summer pick-me-up.

The best trailers of today's Nintendo Indie World Direct

Plus all the release dates and demos announced for what was shown.

HyperX Indie Highlight: How a college project became award-winning puzzle series We Were Here

Total Mayhem Games' latest release We Were Here Forever traces its routes back to a college project that was so good their teachers told them to drop out.

The best relaxing games to chill out with

Let your worries float away with these relaxing games.

HyperX Indie Highlight: Getting outside the box with Escape Simulator

Croatian devs Pine Studio give us a few hints on the perfect escape room setup as we dive into Escape Simulator.

A Highland Song is a narrative rhythm game about traversing Scottish hills

From the team behind Heaven's Vault and 80 Days.

HyperX Indie Highlight: Craft your ideal robot apocalypse in Synthetik 2

Synthetik 2's impressive UniversEdit tool lets you modify every aspect of the twin-stick shooter to your liking.

OlliOlli World special tricks and special grinds guide

How to do special tricks and grinds in OlliOlli World