Indie game developers

A Look at the Games on Display at This Year's Indie MegaBooth

During this year’s Indie MegaBooth at GDC, a variety of new indie titles will be available for preview. 


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Bennett Foddy answers our questions regarding the creation of Getting Over It and QWOP, along with whether or not he has plans to release games for the Nintendo Switch. 

Indie or Not: Finding Success Within the Industry

Dissecting the meaning of indie and whether success strips a game of its indie credentials. 

25 Percent of Telltale Games Staff Laid Off

Telltale Games is scaling down on employees in an attempt to restructure the company. 

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Jump is a monthly subscription service that lets you play select indie titles. 

Indie Games are Selling Incredibly Well on the Nintendo Switch

The Switch has become a bastion for indie developers.

Developer Talks: Nicalis' Tyrone Rodriguez

Ever wonder what it's like to be an indie developer or publisher? Tyrone Rodriguez from Nicalis has spent 10 years doing just that, which is why we sat down with him for the inside scoop.

These All-Star Video Game Developers Gave Up the Fame to Go Indie

From Bleszinski to Molyneux, here are some of gaming's most shocking career changes.

The Art of Marketing Indies at Conventions

The subtle art of marketing an indie game at conventions like PAX East is harder than most people think.

Hideo Kojima Shows Indie Developers Some Love

In a new interview, Hideo Kojima talked about why the indie game scene is different from working on a triple-A title.