Loot Boxes

Valorant cosmetics won't be in loot boxes, Riot confirms

Despite Valorant being free-to-play, it won't put cosmetics in loot boxes.


Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo will require loot box odds to be disclosed

The Entertainment Software Association say loot box odds will need to be disclosed on new console platforms.

Nintendo to remove Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and FE: Heroes in Belgium

Along with all future games with 'similar earnings models.'

FTC conducting loot box investigation

A request from New Hampshire Senator Maggie Hassan to investigate loot boxes has been approved by the FTC.

EA finally reveals Star Wars Battlefront 2's new progression system

Things are looking much better.

Ghost Recon Wildlands gets loot crates

With over 200 new items.

Monster Hunter World says 'No' to loot boxes

You won't be able to buy better gear, either.

Obsidian's secret new RPG won't have loot boxes

Nor any microtransactions.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 adds 'initial' loot-box and progression changes

No big improvements just yet.

Loot boxes aren't gambling, says Take-Two chief

He also reckons game sales will go 100% digital in the nearish future.