Man of Medan

Your PlayStation Plus games for July 2022 are Crash Bandicoot 4, Man of Medan, and Arcadegeddon

Here's a look at each of the PS Plus Games for July.


What's the opening song in Man of Medan?

The haunting melody that introduces each character in Man of Medan has gamers scratching their heads, wondering which band is responsible for the haunting tune.

How to save in Man of Medan

What you need to know if you're looking to save your progress in Man of Medan.

Next game in Dark Pictures anthology Little Hope teased

The Dark Pictures anthology continues after Man of Medan with Little Hope in 2020

Is there co-op multiplayer in Man of Medan?

Find out whether you can play co-op multiplayer in Man of Medan.

How long to beat Man of Medan

An overview of how long Man of Medan takes to beat and how many story chapters are included.