Smaller streaming sites to build a community on now Mixer's gone

Here are some smaller sites you can stream on and build a community to send Fs in the chat for Mixer.


Microsoft is shutting down Mixer

Exclusive streamers are allowed to return to other platforms.

Streamer exclusivity is turning the internet into cable TV

Streamers signing contracts with platforms like Twitch, YouTube and Mixer are creating more channels to watch.

Twitch CEO apologizes after promoting porn on Ninja's dead channel

Twitch turned Ninja's channel page into a community hub after he left for Mixer and got more than they bargained for.

HypeZone Fortnite Channel Launches on Mixer

HypeZone Fortnite hosts streamers during their most intense moments in Battle Royale.

Darwin Project's New Interactive Feature Lets Viewers Influence Live Battles

Darwin Project’s new spectator interaction feature will debut this weekend at PAX South.