Black Adam joins MultiVersus this week alongside Arcade mode

An electrifying addition.


MultiVersus Halloween event, skins, and rewards

Earn Candy to unlock rewards in the MultiVersus Halloween event!

Gremlins' Stripe cackles his way into MultiVersus next week

'Mother of god... what have we done?'

Rick enters MultiVersus later today

It's no longer just Mortys killing Mortys.

MultiVersus 1.02 patch notes bring sweeping hitbox/hurtbox overhaul

The full MultiVersus 1.02 patch notes also include projectile changes and the arrival of Gizmo.

MultiVersus players are already discovering bizarre movement tech

Melee's wavedash lives on (for now, at least).

MultiVersus Gizmo release delayed to Thursday

'Looks like Gizmo is a bit camera shy.'

MultiVersus teases Gremlins' Gizmo for next week

Hide your food after midnight.

MultiVersus free character rotation

The MultiVersus free characters rotate regularly - here's which ones are available now!

A Warner Bros. Big Chungus trademark is fueling MultiVersus theories

Oh lawd, he comin'.