Pokemon GO updates

How to Earn PokéCoins as Gym Rewards in Pokémon GO

The new Pokémon GO update has given players the ability to earn PokéCoins as gym rewards, here’s how to make use of this awesome new feature.


5 Most Wanted Pokémon GO Features in 2017

These 5 features are at the top of the Pokémon GO player most wanted list. 

Niantic Rolls Out New Pokémon GO Tracker

Goodbye three-footstep system and hello precision targeting.

Pokémon GO Second Generation Update Details

A look at what Pokémon GO players can expect from the upcoming Generation 2 update.

Rumor: New Pokémon GO Update Launches This Week

A leaked image from Starbucks reveals the date of the next Pokémon GO update.

Will Pokemon GO's Generation 2 Update Release In December?

Rumors online suggest that over 100 new Pokemon could be added to Pokemon GO by early December.

Will Pokémon GO Have a Thanksgiving Event?

Taking a look at the future of Pokemon GO’s holiday-themed events and the introduction of Legendary Bird Pokemon.

Niantic Reduces Pidgey Spawns in Pokémon GO

Now players won’t experience the unique frustration that comes with catching yet another Pidgey.

Pokémon GO Will Soon Have Daily Bonus Rewards

Extra incentives are coming for Pokémon GO fans that play consistently.

Catch A Ghost Pokemon During The Pokemon Go Halloween Event

Catch ghost Pokemon Ghastly, Gengar or Haunter during the Pokemon Go Halloween Event this year!