Remedy Entertainment

Max Payne 1 & 2 remakes are on the way, Remedy confirms

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Epic Games to open its own publishing division

Epic Games Publishing is so far working with Remedy Entertainment, Playdead and Gen Design.

The Foundation expansion for Control gets an official release date

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How long to beat Control

The estimated completion time for Remedy's newest title, Control.

Remedy now own all publishing rights to Alan Wake

The publishing rights to Alan Wake reverted back to Remedy from Microsoft, as well as a $2.8m royalties injection.

Sequels to Alan Wake and Quantum Break unlikely

According to Remedy, sequels to games like Quantum Break and Alan Wake require Microsoft's approval.

Everything we know about Control

Control release date, gameplay and story details for Remedy's next supernatural thriller.

Quantum Break's Steam PC Release Delayed By Two Weeks

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Remedy Entertainment Wants To Release Games Faster

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Quantum Break Getting Steam And Retail Release

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