Splatoon 2

Surprise, Splatoon 2 is getting a bonus Splatfest!

Nintendo's giving you a great reason to jump back into Splatoon 2.


Tetris 99 gets a Splatoon 2 crossover event

In the run-up to Splatoon 2's two-year anniversary, players can win a ink-coated theme for the battle-royale puzzler.

Splatoon 2's Octo Expansion now available

Follow Agent 8 on a journey to Inkopolis.

Splatoon 2 getting Octo Expansion DLC, Story Mode

The expansion features a new character named Octo and dozens of new locations to explore.

Splatoon 2's latest Splatfest asks the world, guns or gags?

We still haven't recovered from Ketchup vs Mayo.

Green and Pink Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons are Getting a Standalone Release

Buying the Splatoon 2 bundle will no longer be required.

Splatoon 2 gets a classic gun tomorrow

The L-3 Nozzlenose D.

Splatoon 2's champagne gun lets you party like it's NYE

The Squeezer pops off tomorrow.

Splatoon 2 Getting Thanksgiving Day Update

Find out what’s arriving in Splatoon 2 this Thursday. 

Nintendo drops a huge Splatoon 2 update with new maps, hairstyles and more

There's an all-new Clam Battle mode.