Tekken 7

EVO 2021 winners and top 8 results

The Evo 2021 top 8 results for every game and region, including Guilty Gear Strive, Mortal Kombat 11, Street Fighter 5, Tekken 7, and Skullgirls.


Ganryu and Fahkumram revealed for Tekken 7

The Kabuki warrior and Muay Thai master will arrive as part of Season Pass 3 in the coming months.

David Hayter and Tekken's Harada unhappy with Evo's misleading Solid Snake joke

The voice of Solid Snake says he was unaware organizers would use his voice to promote other games.

Tekken 7's new character is a Wing Chun master from New York

Leroy Smith lost his family to crime 50 years ago, now he's in Tekken 7 to punch everyone.

Tekken 7 Season Pass 2 characters revealed

The real king of the ring is back!

Negan comes out swinging in his first gameplay trailer for Tekken 7

Batter up!

The Walking Dead's Negan will join Tekken 7 in Season Pass 2

Alongside returning characters Anna Williams and Lei Wulong.

Sharpie on esports, community, and the future of the FGC

'I think people are really afraid that we're gonna lose who we are.'

EVO 2018 to include Dragon Ball FighterZ

Wave goodbye to Mahvel baybee!

Fatal Fury's Geese Howard joins Tekken 7 tomorrow

We're hoping for Fox McCloud next.