Xbox Game Preview

How a tiny team at Obsidian are tackling the giant survival genre with Grounded

Just 14 developers at The Outer Worlds studio Obsidian Entertainment are trying to change the survival game in Grounded.


Rad skate game Session coming to Xbox Game Preview on June 17

Crea-ture Studios' rad skate game Session is getting its first console outing through the Xbox early access program.

Divinity: Original Sin 2 arrives on Xbox Game Preview today

The first three hours of Divinity: Original Sin 2 will be free!

Darwin Project is Available Now in Early Access

Survive in an icy battle royale in Darwin Project, out now in Steam Early Access.

The Last Open Beta for Darwin Project is This Weekend

This is your last chance to try Darwin Project before launch.

Deep Rock Galactic Digs Into Early Access in February

Gather friends for the dwarven co-op adventure Deep Space Galactic this month.