Xbox Games Showcase

Xbox and Bethesda showcase goes ahead June 12 despite E3's absence

The summer of games begins this June with Xbox and Bethesda showcase confirmed.


Halo Infinite as a Nintendo 64 game looks like our childhood dreams come true

A re-imagining of Xbox Series X frontrunner Halo Infinite as a Nintendo 64 demake is pitch perfect.

Destiny 2 headed to Game Pass with Beyond Light

Destiny 2 will be added to Xbox Game Pass in September ahead of Beyond Light's arrival.

There's a new Fable game coming to Xbox Series X and PC

Bringing the series back to life with 'a new beginning.'

Warhammer 40K: Darktide takes the Vermintide formula to the grim-dark future

A new four-player co-op shooter from Fatshark, coming to Xbox Series X and PC.

STALKER 2 coming to Xbox Series X first, new trailer reveals

STALKER 2 will launch on Xbox Series X and PC first, according to a new trailer today.

As Dusk Falls is a new narrative story from Interior/Night

An interactive tale spanning 30 years.

The Outer Worlds DLC Peril On Gorgon coming September 9

An expansive DLC for Obsidian's The Outer Worlds called Peril On Gorgon is coming this September.

Rare gives us a new glimpse of Everwild in the Eternals trailer

Nurturing nature on the Xbox Series X.

Halo Infinite gameplay gives us a first look at an Xbox Series X title in action

The Chief is back, and the new Halo Infinite gameplay trailer shows he's got a bigger world than ever to explore.