Arekkz gives a Crash Course in Monster Hunter, getting swole and eating right

HyperX's weekly Crash Course stream sent Monster Hunter extraordinaire Arekkz out to get some hench armor and prep a muscle-building meal.

HyperX's weekly Crash Course livestream was turned over to Monster Hunter expert Arekkz last night for an education in crafting, cooking and good nutrition.

This week's lessons saw the British streamer teach us through the medium of his game of choice, and if there's two things Monster Hunter is all about they are crafting great gear and eating great food prepared by cute cats.

Sadly, in lieue of some cute cat chefs, Arekkz had to do all the meal prep himself, but first up was some in-game knowledge as he hunted down all the parts necessary for crafting the henchest armor in the game: the Buff Body Alpha + Armor Set. It's basically no armor, because nothing is stronger than naked beefcake hunters.

The trial to earn yourself the Buff Body armor in Monster Hunter World is one of the toughest in the game, sending you and your squad on a Master Rank Event Quest called Muscle Monkey Madness. This notoriously tough challenge pits you and the team against TWO Rajangs, who eventually enter the fight at the same time.

Arekkz takes us through a number of top tips to try and make your Muscle Monkey Madness run go a little smoother, though things aren't always smooth at times you must PERSIST! It's not always about the win, it's about....the hunt. The main tips are to try and finish off one Rajang as soon as possible to limit the time spent fighting both. Sometimes they'll fight each other, which will give you some much-needed breathing room, but otherwise it's best to co-ordinate and focus down one of the apes.

After a long hunt, our gains guru took us back to the Palico cafe to talk meal prep and fitness nutrition. Eating healthy is more important right now than ever, and it can also play a huge part in your ability to build muscle mass. But don't be taken in by talk of supplements, as Arekkz explains. Just make sure you're eating well, and that doesn't have to mean sticking to a bodybuilder's strict diet regime. Check out more of the meal prep stream to find out a delicious recipe to get you started.

And, of course, what swole stream would be complete without some heavy lifting. Arekkz shows us how you don't need expensive gym equipment to do weight training. Using some foam blocks and a resistance band you can exponentially increase the effectiveness of a simple set of push up reps. Check out the fitness stream to see more of his tips on resistance band training to build muscle mass fast.

That's all from this week's HyperX Crash Course. For more educational mixes of gameplay and practical lessons, check out AmberGlowYoga's Life is Strange stream and Fuslie's Animal Crossing stream.


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