Emuhleet gives us a Crash Course on painting and spray control

In coloring-in and CS:GO there's no such thing as spray and pray so Emuhleet teaches us how to keep it inside the lines.

HyperX's weekly Crash Course livestream found its way into the hands of Dignitas CS:GO pro Emuhleet this past week, to give us some pointers in smoking, shooting and coloring in.

While that does sound like a wild day in kindergarten, half of it actually was educational with the five-time world champ teaching us the best ways to plan and execute site takes on our favorite maps like de_Train and de_Inferno. All it takes is a few well-placed smoke grenades and some team co-operation and you, too, could be smoking off heaven like the pro herself.

After some hard work learning the complex trigonometry required to bounce grenades into exactly the right spot, we took a break to do some creative classes. Counter-Strike is one of the most artistic games in the world, if you count using bullet decals to draw rude pictures. But there are actual paintings you can spray the walls with instead of bullets, and Emuhleet took some time out to paint the chat's favorite option. It didn't come out too badly, either, we must say.

Speaking of spraying the wall with bullets, Emuhleet also had some tips for us on how to land some of them on the enemy we're supposed to be hitting instead. Sadly, it seems the short version to take away with us at the end of the lesson is: practice makes perfect, so we can't just magically become Global Elite overnight. But if you do enjoy the hard graft of keeping your aim in check, then you'll be wanting to get 3DAimTrainer on the go.

That's all from this week's Crash Course with Dignitas CS:GO pro Emuhleet, be sure to check out some of the other educational streams with teachers including getting buff with Monster Hunter and learning yoga and papercraft with Life Is Strange!


Chris is the captain of the good ship AllGamers, which would explain everything you're seeing here. Get in touch to talk about work or the $6 million Echo Slam by emailing chris.higgins@allgamers.com or finding him on Twitter. 

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