Solve the Conference Center rope puzzle in The Last of Us Part 2

Smash and swing your way to success with our guide to one tricky rope puzzle in The Last of Us Part 2.

Ellie’s explorations in Seattle will bring her across a couple of optional puzzles that can be solved to secure plenty of loot. One puzzle that’ll score you some valuable resources and a trading card is the Conference Center rope puzzle from Seattle Day 2. There’s no exploration here to explain what you should be doing, buty with a bit of smart thinking, you can score some valuable goods. Below, we’ll teach you how to solve the Conference Center rope puzzle in The Last of Us Part 2.

Solve the Conference Center rope puzzle in The Last of Us Part 2

How to solve the rope puzzle in the last of us part 2 seattle day 2
Here's how the rope needs to be thrown. 
© Naughty Dog

You’ll encounter this particular puzzle after Ellie leaves the theater on her own to head towards the hospital, early in Day 2. As you head down the road you’ll come across the Kingsgate Brewing bar on your left. On the opposite side of the street is a conference center. Enter that building and climb the elevator shaft in the back.

Upstairs you’ll find a locked set of doors, and a rope on the floor. Solve the rope puzzle, you’ll need to do a bit of property damage. Don’t worry, we won’t tell on you! There are lots of bottles and bricks around, so grab them and smash the windows beside you. Now look up and you’ll see more glass between some metal supports above you. Again, smash the bits of glass between your side of the door and the platform outside the room behind the door. Grab the rope and hop out of the window and down onto the van. 

The last of us part 2 rope puzzle conference center
Once inside you can claim your rewards!
© Naughty Dog

From here you should be able to throw the rope up and over the metal supports between the two rooms. It might take a couple of tosses, but once it’s over you can then jump onto the rope itself and climb up. Once you’re high enough, swing your way inside to find lots of goodies including the Shift trading card.

Hopefully this guide has taught you how to solve the conference center rope puzzle in The Last of Us Part 2! The extra supplies will be very useful for working your way through the different weapon upgrades. You’ll need them soon. For more features, tips and tricks for the game, click here to visit the game hub.

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