The Last of Us Part 2 trading card locations

Keep Ellie's love of comics alive by finding the trading card locations in The Last of Us Part 2.

All that effort Joel went to collecting comic books in the original game certainly seems to have had an impact, because it seems Ellie has a keen eye for superhero-themed trading cards in  The Last of Us Part 2. Found dotted throughout the story, these little slips of paper and card come with entertaining descriptions about the character they represent. Due to their size they’re surprisingly easy to miss, but we’re putting together a guide to all the trading card locations in The Last of Us Part 2 so you can add them all to your collection.

The Last of Us Part 2 trading card locations

The last of us Part 2 trading card locations
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Trading cards for superheroes and villains are found throughout Ellie’s journey, offering up a fun bit of story to the world. While many can be found not far from the beaten track, you’ll need to do some exploring to secure others. We’ve tried to keep our directions below as spoiler-free as possible, but be wary of chapter titles and other smaller details like that.

Jackson trading card locations

Trading Card #1: Jackson (Waking Up)

Card: Seismicalya

The first trading card is extremely easy to miss. As you walk through the town with Jesse after waking up, look for the Main Street Gallery. There’s a notice board up on the wooden wall here, and tucked into the edge of it? Your first trading card of Seismicalya.

Trading Card #2: Jackson (Waking Up)

Card: The Keene Twins

The Last of Us Part 2 collectible card locations
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A short while later you’ll head into the Tipsy Bison Saloon. When the cutscene ends, walk to the back of the room next to the dart board to find the card for the Keene Twins sitting on top of a barrel. No one will mind if you swipe it.

Trading Card #3: Patrol

Card: Tesseracter

All superhero card locations in The Last of Us Part 2
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While out and about on patrol with Dina you’ll ride your horses into an open area with caravans and a few rundown houses. Hop off and explore to secure some loot and the next card. Look for the house with a car in front of it. Climb on the car and then up to the awning before hopping into the house. The Tesseracter trading card location is on a bookshelf inside. 

Trading Card #4: Patrol

Card: Laurent Foucalt

The Last of Us Part 2 where to find trading cards
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After you enter the library to escape the blizzard while on patrol, you’ll explore Eugene’s hideout. As you enter the back room there will be a small storage room on the left. The trading card for villain Laurent Foucault is sitting on the desk inside.

Seattle Day 1 trading card locations

Trading Card #5: The Gate

Card: Motivator

Trading card 5 location the last of us 2
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As you’re riding through the woods with Dina you’ll reach a bus stop with some abandoned cars. Climb off to find the Motivator trading card location on the inside wall of the bus stop.

Trading Card #6: The Gate

Card: The Starfire Kids

Trading Card 6 location the last of us 2
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A little further along you’ll reach a road with a sign that points towards Seattle North. Opposite that is a small cabin you can explore. Find the notice board inside to collect the Starfire Kids trading card.

Trading Card #7: The Gate

Card: Chessmaster

Trading card 7 location the last of us 2
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After you climb over the Seattle QZ wall you’ll walk along a platform on the other side. Rather than taking the main ladder down, look around to spot another ladder and use that to enter the lookout tower. The Chessmaster trading card location is inside.

Trading Card #8: The Gate

Card: Oozer

The last of us 2 trading card 8 oozer location
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When you’re trying to activate the generator, throw the line you have up and over the mobile office building it's next to. Go round the other side and climb up to  find the Oozer trading card location on a nice chair for chilling out.

We’ve yet to reach the remaining trading card locations, but we’ll update this guide once we’ve found them. For now, we’ll list their general chapter locations below so that you know where to look, but don’t need to worry about any spoilers:

Trading Card #9: Downtown

Card: Doctor Uckmann

Seattle downtown trading card locations
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OInce you reach the open downtown area and are on the hunt for gas, you'll see this large broken segment of a building across the dip. Climb it to find the Doctor Uckmann trading card at the top.

Trading Card #10: Downtown

Card: Das Wort

Seattle trading cards the last of us
© Naughty Dog

In the music shop of the Downtown area, there's a card in the draws behind the counter.

Trading Card #11: Downtown

Card: Big Blue

Trading Card 11 Big  Blue the last of us
© Naughty Dog

Found in the furthest corner (northwest on your map) of the downtown area is the Ruston Coffee Shop. Break in to find both the Big Blue trading card - it's a giant whale, what's not to like? - and the keys to the Barko's dog shop.

Trading Card #12: Downtown

Card: Flo

All trading card collectibles in seattle
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Along the western edge of the downtown area is a narrow entrance marked Gate West 2. Inside you'll find a safe which contains the Flo card and some other useful resources. Check our list of Safe Codes to grab the access numbers if you don't want to solve the puzzle yourself.

Trading Card #13: Downtown

Card: Know It All

Trading Card 13 the last of us guide
© Naughty Dog

Once you're inside the Serevena hotel and have moved upstairs, enter the room near the dead body, then look beyond that room to the bedroom with two beds. The Know It All trading card is in the drawer between the two beds.

Trading Card #14: Eastbrook Elementary

Card: Cardio

Eastbrook elementary trading card the last of us
© Naughty Dog

After you've moved over some rooftops and had to jump across a gap to a balcony, you'll see a sofa that's been pushed over in the room inside. Hop over this and enter a room with vines covering the bed and window. The trading card is located in the drawer next to the bed.

Trading Card #15: Capitol Hill

Card: Kinnard, Esq

Capitol Hill trading cards the last of us 2
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After hopping down from the school into the next area, head down the road on its right side, turning down between the houses when you can. You'll pass a blue house with the number 3 on it. Enter and check the drawers for the card.

Trading Card #16: Capitol Hill

Card: Rockafella

Trading Card 16 capitol hill locations
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Further down the path you'll reach a motel with two floors, but one of the front doors will be locked. Head down the passageway to the left of the motel and you can hop in the windows round the back. The card will be in the room through the first window, next to a turned over bin. You can also grab the Trap Mine close to here, so make sure you click here to learn how to get that as well.

Trading Card #17: Capitol Hill

Card: Doctor Stem

Sergeant frost capitol hill trading cards the last of us 2
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Inside the bookshop with the pride flags hanging out front in the Capitol Hill area (opposite the gas station). There's a cafe section which includes a training manual and a back area with with the card next to a record player.

Trading Card #18: Capitol Hill

Card: Sergeant Frost

Sergeant Front collectible trading card the last of us part 2
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As you head through the WLF territory you'll reach the Olive Street Market. Head to the back of the area and enter the room by the counter. The Card is in a locker at the back.

Trading Card #19: Capitol Hill

Card: Candleabra

The last of us 2 collectible card locations
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Once you reach the minefield area with infected ahead, you should see a liquor store on your left. Watch out for mines as you head inside (throw bottles and use the infected to clear a path) then spot the card next to an ATM.

Trading Card #20: Capitol Hill

Card: Bizzabra

Still in the mined up area, look for the Wellwishes store & donation center. The card is on a children's bookshelf inside.

Trading Card #21: Channel 13 TV Station

Card: Kimimela

Trading card 21 location
© Naughty Dog

Inside the main TV station room with the hanging bodies you'll be able to head upstairs. Look in the offices here to find the card in the desk.

Trading Card #22: The Tunnels

Card: The Imp

The Imp Trading 22 the tunnels
© Naughty Dog

After you crawl under the train and head down a passageway you'll see a red room entrance on your right and a crashed train ahead. Look under the train in some rubbish to find The Imp.

Trading Card #23: The Tunnels

Card: Doctor Daniela Star

Once you've passed the shutter that you need to open with the chain door, you'll reach a blue door to an office, marked Storage. Enter and then crawl underneath the desk in the back right of the room. Look for a crack in the wall here and you can sneak through to the card on the desk.

Trading Card #24: The Tunnels

Card: Bastet

Once you're far enough through the tunnels that Dina spots some light, she'll ask you to boost her up to a new level. Ignore her for now and head to the left instead. Crawl under the train carriage to find the Bastet cardon a suitcase.

Trading Card #25: The Theatre

Card: Mortem

© Naughty Dog

Once you're given control in the Theatre, head to the back of the main room and look for the glass-fronted cabinets behind the counter. Smash the one on the right and collect the card inside.

Trading Card #26: The Theatre

Card: Beyond

© Naughty Dog

Head upstairs in the Theatre and follow the hallway to its end. There's a card sitting underneath an overturned couch at the end.

Trading Card #27: Museum

Card: The Nighthawk

In the dino section of the museum, look for the card on the bench near the triceratops.

Trading Card #27: Museum

Card: Saura

When you're on your own as Ellie and reach the statue of a Moose that Ellie sympathises with, the card is to the left of the exhibit.

Seattle Day 2 trading cards

Trading Card #28: Hillcrest

Card: Watchumero

Watchumero trading card 28 location
© Naughty Dog

When you start the Hillcreset segment, Ellie will be sstanding on the edge of a collapsed road. Turn behind yourself and drop down. Smash the window of the truck to grab the Watchumero card inside.

Trading Card #29: Hillcrest

Card: Sahir the Sorceror

Early on your way through Hillcrest you'll see some WLF troops drive off in a vehicle. Don't follow their direction. Turn left instead and spot a gap in the bushes. Climb up the dumpster here to enter Caroline Paper Co. At the back of the store is a box containing the card.

Trading Card #30: Hillcrest

Card: Naledi the Youthful

Fight or sneak by the first set of WLF and dogs until you reach the simple puzzle involving a dumpster you need to push onto a ramp and climb up on. Once you're over this you'll reacha room with a bicycle in. The card is in the corner next to it.

Trading Card #31: Hillcrest

Card: Brainstorm

A shorty while later you'll have a cutscene in which Ellie sees an explosion in the distance. In the next area, keep an eye out for a yellow children's playhouse as you make your way through gardens. There's a hole in one wall of this that contains the card.

Trading Card #32: Hillcrest

Card: Reverb

Once you've claimed the bow for yourself, look for the blue car in the next space by a yellow house. Enter this and head upstairs to find the card under the bed.

Trading Card #33: Finding Strings

Card: Austringer

Austringer card location Finding Strings
© Naughty Dog

Once you stop the horses and hop off to head to the music store, you'll be on a road that collapses down in the a wet, muddy patch. Climb down here and you can grab the Austringer card from the car here.

Trading Card #34: The Seraphites

Card: Randy Styles

Randy Styles Trading Card 34 location TLOU2
© Naughty Dog

Once Ellie heads off on her own you'll pass the Quickmart shop. No it's definitely not a 7-Eleven. Enter it and look for the card on a shelf sticking out from the back wall.

Trading Card #35: The Seraphites

Card: Shift

Shift trading card location the seraphites
© Naughty Dog

As you head down the street with the bar on the left side of the street, on the other side of the road will be a conference center. You'll need to solve a rope puzzle to get past the door here (click here to read our guide on that) but inside the back room upstairs you'll find the Shift trading card on the sofa.

Trading Card #36: The Seraphites

Card: Star Sign

© Naughty Dog

A short distance further along the road is an apartment block on the left. You can grab a training manual and safe in here (grab the code by clicking here) and find a workbench, but if you head upstairs (either crawl through the gap near the door or climb the vans) and make your way into the room with the locked door (smash through the windows and climb around outside). The card is inside the drawer next to the bed.

Trading Card #37: The Seraphites

Card: Arch-Enemy

After you pass through the entrance to the comic book expo, you'll enter a greenhouse. There's a locked door here, but if you go around the room that's locked you can smash the window here and climb through to find the card inside a drawer.

Trading Card #38: The Seraphites

Card: Doppelganger

Trading card 38 location
© Naughty Dog

After sneaking past or taking out some Seraphites when you exit the sewer, you'll enter an apartment block.Head upstairs and loop round to find the card next to a turned over toy

Trading Card #39: The Seraphites

Card: Bhat Mandarr

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After you climb down from a roof via a ladder and drop into water, swim to the bank on the left and enter the Weston's Pharmacy store. There's a shelf on the left as you enter that the card is sitting on.

Seattle Day 3 trading card locations

Trading Card #40: Road to the Aquarium (the Theatre)

Card: Esquire

Trading Card 40 seattle day 3
© Naughty Dog

Right after you get control in this chapter, head to your left instead of going past the curtain. You'll find the card here in front of some monitors.

Trading Card #41: Road to the Aquarium

Card: Tormentra

Seattle day 3 trading cards the last of us part 2
© Naughty Dog

After leaving the theatre with Jesse you'll head into a WPL building in an attempt to loop around. There should be shipping supplies everywhere, and when you enter the back corridor you should see a doorway blocked by fallen furniture. Crawl under it to find the card on a desk inside.

Trading Card #42: Road to the Aquarium

Card: Tanager

You'll enter a bookstore along your path to the aquarium. It's pretty dark, but if you look near the desk at the base of the escalator then you'll see a sort of fort made by some bookshelves and a mattress. Crouch and head inside to find the card at the base of a set of shelves.

Trading Card #43: Road to the Aquarium

Card: Tatuaje

Once you've spotted the boat to steal, Jesse and Ellie will head over a bridge and crawl under some wreckage. There are a bunch of pipes to crawl under here if you want to progress, but instead of doing that, head forwards and look for the card on the upper shelf of a wooden cabinet.

Trading Card #44: The Flooded City

Card: Seff L’ho’phad

Trading card 44 the last of us 2
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This excellently named superhero trading card can be found while driving the boat as Ellie. You'll pass through a building and drop down a ledge to reach a locked gate that forces you to get out of the boat. Instead of working on that, enter the doorway next to the ledge you came down. Wade through the water to find the card inside a drawer of the desk here.

Trading Card #45: The Flooded City

Card: Khazakh Bright

Flooded City Trading card locations TLOU2
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The final trading card of Seattle Day 3 is found inside the arcade. At the back of the bottom of the room you can climb through a grate and find the card in a desk in the back room.

Epilogue trading cards

Trading Card #46: Epilogue - Pushing Inland

Card: CBB-73

The Last of Us Part 2 Epilogue trading cards
© Naughty Dog

Collect the card for this friendly killer robot while heading inland after you come off the beach. You'll reach a large, fancy house that you enter by climbing on top of a car and onto the roof (there will be a Clicker here). Once you climb inside, enter the doors on the upper floor to find the card on a small desk.

Trading Card #45: Epilogue - The Resort

Card: Sparkthug

The Last of Us 2 epilogue trading cards
© Naughty Dog

And the final card - hooray! - can be found when you reach the Rattler area where a runner infected is tied up on a chain. Kill the Rattlers and enter the building at the back with a 4 on to find the trading card location on a small desk next to a stereo.

And that concludes our list of trading card locations in The Last of Us Part 2! Have you enjoyed rounding them all up and reading the descriptions? Let us know in the comments below! Click here to head to the game hub for The Last of Us Part 2 for more guides and features for the game.

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