How to surrender a match in Valorant

Throw in the towel and move on to the next match by learning how to surrender in Valorant.

Riot recently added the ability to surrender a match in Valorant, leading gamers to ask how you go about doing this. Whether a match is going poorly, or you need to surrender for other reasons, knowing how to do this can help save you the headache of trying to puzzle it out on your own. To help, we’ll walk you through how to surrender a match in Valorant!

How to surrender a match in Valorant

How to surrender a match in Valorant
The 1.02 patch adds the ability for Valorant players to call for an Early Surrender.
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With the 1.02 update in Valorant comes the ability to surrender a match. In the patch notes provided by Riot Games, the feature is called Early Surrender and can be done fairly easily, though you’ll need to get the approval of your team in order for the surrender to be successful. Below, we’ve included Riot’s step-by-step instructions on how to Early Surrender courtesy of the Valorant blog.

  • “You can call an early surrender vote by typing: “/ff” “forfeit” “concede” or “surrender”.
  • An early surrender vote requires all present players on the surrendering team to vote ‘yes’ to pass.
  • You can vote via “/yes” or “/no” along with the settings F5 and F6 (defaults).
  • Each team can only call a vote once per half. Early surrender votes cannot be called before reaching round 8.
  • Once a vote is called the vote option will be queued to vote on for the next round, or if you call the vote early enough in the buy phase you can vote immediately.
  • The winning team gets round win credit for every round necessary to bring them up to the victory condition (13 rounds).
  • The surrendering team will get loss credit for every round necessary to bring them up to 13 rounds.”

As seen in the notes from Riot, anyone has the ability to call for a vote to Early Surrender by typing keywords like “/ff” and “surrender” which are easy to remember in and of themselves. Once you’ve called for a vote, all players on the surrendering team will need to agree. Yes, all of them. If you have one person dragging their heels the Early Surrender vote will not pass.

Note that you can’t call an Early Surrender vote before hitting Round 8. As expected, there are penalties when you surrender with the surrendering team receiving a loss credit for “every round necessary to bring them up to 13 rounds” according to Riot. Likewise, the winning team will received a round credit win “for every round necessary to bring them up to the victory condition (13 rounds).”

Riot also states in the 1.02 patch notes that they plan to continue polishing the Early Surrender function in future patches, so the above info is subject to change. If we spot any changes to the Early Surrender system, we’ll be sure to update this guide as Riot makes the new information available.

As a whole, it’s nice to have the ability to vote for an Early Surrender if it’s truly needed. That said, we don’t anticipate it being used often on account of the fact that all players have to agree, and the penalties that come with it. The Early Surrender is something that should only be called when it is appropriate to do so.

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