EGX and PAX combine to hold free online expo in September

As the second EGX event of the year is canceled due to ongoing coronavirus pandemic, organizers combine for online expo.

EGX and PAX have combined to deliver an online expo experience for fans after having to cancel the second of this year's events in the UK.

PAX Online, acting as the digital replacement for the US West coast gaming event, is serving as the basis for EGX Digital. Both are organized by parent company ReedPop.

From September 12-20, fans will be able to tune in to developer sessions, panels, and playable games from the show floor in what we're assuming will be a similar setup to Steam's game festivals.

There will also be virtual meet and greets, Let's Play sessions and more with the Gamer Network brand of editorial sites, including Eurogamer, Dicebreaker, VG247, and Rock Paper Shotgun.

The best news is that the entire nine-day event will be free to everyone, though it is not quite the same as the friendly welcoming atmosphere of a gaming expo showfloor.

“We love EGX, and we're saddened to have had to cancel our flagship event," said David Lilley, EGX event director. "Given the current climate, we just wouldn’t have been able to provide our fans with the sort of show they’ve come to expect from us.”

Despite the easing of quarantine restrictions in the UK, there are still ongoing outbreaks of coronavirus across the country, including in Leicester where the government has today enacted the first local lockdown. This creates a difficult situation for event organizers who cannot guarantee the safety of large crowds within the timeframes that expos like EGX take to put in place.

EGX Digital joins a long list of events that have gone online during a time when indoor gatherings have become impossible to arrange. E3 has since become a months-long parade of smaller digital announcement streams, loosely collected by Geoff Keighley into the Summer Game Fest.

Will you be checking out what's on the virtual showfloor at EGX Digital or PAX Online in September? What games are you hoping to get a demo to play?


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