How to kick in Ghost of Tsushima

Our guide on how to kick in Ghost of Tsushima will give you two different ways to put boot to face.

The art of the sword is impressive and all, but sometimes a swift boot will serve you better. Ghost of Tsushima includes few different fighting styles and special moves you can pull off while playing, including a couple of kicks that are well worth learning. Want to know how to kick in Ghost of Tsushima? We’ll teach you the different techniques below.

How to kick in Ghost of Tsushima

How to kick in Ghost of Tsushima
Learning how to kick in Ghost of Tsushima needn't be a pain in the neck for anyone but your foes.
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There are two ways to kick in Ghost of Tsushima. The main way is unlocked with Wind Stance. Once you get access to this combat stance, you’ll unlock the Typhoon Kick, performed by holding Triangle down. It’s a great move that can be used to send enemies flying (including off cliffs if you’re feeling particularly mean). However, to unlock Wind Stance you’ll first need to fight or observe a lot of Mongol Leaders.

Before you unlock Wind Stance, however, there is another way to kick in Ghost of Tsushima. It’s far less effective than the Typhoon Kick, but if you jump at an enemy with X and then hit Triangle (heavy attack), you’ll perform a kick move as shown in the above image. It’s pretty weak and won’t hit many enemies off edges, but it looks really cool and is a good move to mix in the middle of the rest of your combat. To restate that, hit X, then triangle to do a jump kick. Be aware that if you spam this move, enemies will adapt and begin throwing you away whenever you use it on them.

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That’s all there is to know about how to kick in Ghost of Tsushima! There are two methods, and you’ll need to unlock Wind Stance for the main one. For more tips and tricks, be sure to click here and visit the game’s hub.

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