Where is Sogen in Ghost of Tsushima?

A quick guide for where to find Sogen, the suspicious monk in Ghost of Tsushima.

When you arrive at the Golden Temple with Lady Masako early in Ghost of Tsushima’s story, you’ll be tasked with finding Sogen, a monk somewhere within. He won’t hide, but it can prove surprisingly tricky to figure out where he is. If you’re having trouble locating this pesky monk, this guide will teach you where to find Sogen in Ghost of Tsushima.

Where is Sogen in Ghost of Tsushima?

Where is sogen in Ghost of Tsushima
Head to the building on the left to find Sogen in Ghost of Tsushima. 
© Sucker Punch

Sogen isn’t far from the entrance of the Golden Temple. Once you enter the gates you’ll be able to speak to a monk who lets you know that Sogen is sweeping the temple. Rather than heading up to the massive main pagoda in front of you, go to the building on the left of you instead. Sogen can be found on the outer ring of this building sweeping leaves and trying to stay unassuming. 

Make your way to the building noted by the arrow above, and follow the wooden outer path round to the right. Sogen should be on the corner, and you can speak with him by hitting R2 when close. Once you know where Sogen is in Ghost of Tsushima, it seems pretty obvious. But don’t blame yourself too much for missing him, as plenty of players have done the same! He’s trying to remain unassuming anyway. 

Where to find Sogen in Ghost of Tsushima
Here's where Sogen should be in Ghost of Tsushima.
© Sucker Punch

Once you’ve spoken to Sogen, you can meet with Lady Masako on the other side of the temple to start tailing the shifty monk. Before you, you might want to stop by the various people around the temple who can help you upgrade armor and weapons for the journey ahead. The Golden Temple is a great place to return to down the line whenever you want more upgrades.

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Hopefully this guide has answered the question of where to find Sogen in Ghost of Tsushima. For more tips and tracks, head on over to our game hub by clicking here. We’ll be sure to make your time on Tsushima as efficient as possible!

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