How to use a Shoji Assassination in Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima's Shoji Assassinations let you take down foes in impressive style.

When taking on Mongol camps and strongholds in Ghost of Tsushima, you’ll often be tasked with extra, bonus objectives, one of which is using a Shoji Assassination. This is a special kill that can often require a bit of setup, and it typically only occurs at a few points in the game. As such, plenty of players are keen to know how to use a Shoji Assassination in Ghost of Tsushima for the rare times they’re asked to do so. Thankfully, the concept is really simple!

How to use a Shoji Assassination in Ghost of Tsushima

How to use a shoji assassination in Ghost of Tsushima
This is a Shoji screen door. Now stab a dude through it. 
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To use a Shoji Assassination in Ghost of Tsushima, you must kill an enemy through a Japanese-style sliding screen door. Any time an enemy is on the other side of one of these doors – known as Shoji – and doesn’t know about your position, you’ll be prompted to take them out by hitting Square. This is an instant kill, stabbing the enemy through the door then pulling them backwards. It’s flashy, but there aren’t exactly doors everywhere now, are there?

Because of the nature of the strike, you’ll only be able to use a Shoji Assassination in Ghost of Tsushima when around Japanese buildings. During the attack on Castle Kaneda, Jin will get several opportunities to take out enemies with a Shoji Assassination. But if you’ve not played that section yet then the request can be pretty confusing during a stronghold attack.

If that's what you're working on, watch the patrol routes of your enemies to see if any approach a shoji. If they don’t, you’ll need to use the Wind Chime (one of the Ghost Weapons you can unlock) to lure an enemy to the Shoji, before sneaking around to the other side and stabbing them through it. That’s a tricky thing to set up, but the results are pretty satisfying.

So, to recap: to perform a Shoji Assassination in Ghost of Tsushima you must sneak up to an enemy on the other side of a sliding screen door, wait for the assassination button prompt, then press Square for the kill. It’s no more effective than other assassinations and it does ruin a good door, but sometimes you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do for the mysterious bonus objectives.

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